Cowboy Progressive Slot

Cowboy Progressive Slot

cowboy progressiveCowboy Progressive is a popular slot machine from iSoftBet. It is a retro style slot. The theme is cowboy life down in the south, and the reels are adorned with cowboy hats, cowboy boots, whips, a saguaru cactus, a campfire, a revolver, and a sheriff’s star. The best symbol is the one that just consists of the word COWBOY in big bold letters.

Game developer

The Cowboy Progressive slot was created by the game developer iSoftBet.


The reels are set in a dry prairie landscape. The paytable is always visible when you play; it’s located just to the right of the reels and takes up quite a lot of screen space.

The current size of the progressive jackpot is shown above the paytable.


This game has five reels.


This game only has five paylines. This low number of paylines really enhances the retro-feel of the game.


You can adjust the coin value.


Autoplay is available.

The progressive jackpot

You need a winning combo consisting of five COWBOY symbols to win the progressive jackpot. How large the progressive jackpot is can be seen above the paytable when you play Cowboy Progressive.

cowboy progressive game

Did you know…?

  • In Texas, cowboys are known as cowpunchers.
  • In the Great Basin region of the United States, a cowboy is normally referred to as a buckaroo. This is an anglicization of the Spanish term vaquero, which in turn is derived from vaca, the Spanish word for cow.
  • The saguaru cactus (Carnegiea gigantea) is a tree-like cactus that can grow to be over 12 meters tall. It is a common image in cowboy movies and also in Mexican culture, since it is native to the Sonoran Desert. In 1994, the Saguaro National Park was established in Arizona to help protect the species.
  • In 1836, Samuel Colt patented the mechanically indexing cylinder – the mechanism which led to the widespread use of the revolver. According to Colt, he came up with the idea during a sea journey, where he got the inspiration from a capstan with a ratchet and pawl mechanism. With Colt’s new invention, it was no longer necessary to manually rotate the cylinder in a revolver.
  • Hat ‘n’ Boots is a roadside attraction in Seattle, Washington, USA. Created in 1954, it is billed as having the largest cowboy hat and cowboy boots in the country.
  • The oldest recorded use of the term cowboy is from 1725, when it was put in print by the Anglo-Irish writer Johathan Swift, who used it to denote a lad who was tending cows. In standard English at the time, such a lad would normally have been referred to as a cowherd rather than a cowboy. The notion of the cowboy as an adult cattle tender, working on horseback, in the United States, didn’t form until the 19th century.