Forty Years ago today, on  February 26, 1971,  Bravo Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry lost two of its own while providing close air support to an ambushed ARVN convoy in Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia.   Saber White, CPT Jon E. Swanson age 28, and  Saber White Mike, SSG Larry G. Harrison age  23, were killed when their OH-6A LOH was shot down and crashed when CPT Swanson reengaged enemy anti-aircraft positions that threatened the friendly ground forces.



      This photo of Jon standing by the LOH with Little Caesre (probably misspelled but the spelling on the AC was odd too) is just like him.  That was his favorite AC and the one he flew most often.  Doug Ricks







The OH-6A LOH that Jon and Larry were Flying and Fighting in when they were shot down on February 26, 1971.  The picture was taken at Firebase Mace sometime in early 1971.


The amazing saga of what happened to CPT Jon Swanson and his gunner SSG Larry Harrison on that day can be found in many places.  The amazing and courageous efforts by their HEADHUNTER Brothers to try and recover them immediately after they were shot down exemplifies what I believe to be one of our most sacred duties.  The story of how, after decades of efforts by many, many people Jon and Larry were recovered and finally laid to rest in Arlington in 2002 must be read and we have also put links to some of them further down the page.




Sandra Swanson, flanked by daughters Brigid Swanson Jones and Holly Walker, shakes President George W. Bush's hand during a ceremony in the White House's Rose Garden to posthumously honor her husband, Capt. Jon E. Swanson, with the Medal of Honor on May 1, 2002.

Within a letter written by General Sherman to General Grant in Memphis on March 10th, 1864, almost 147 years ago, his words simply says how we lived, fought and died in our war  - and for many of us still living, the spirit of the words below are burned into our souls.   Apache Red



Please connect to the links below to read some of the stories of the actions, sacrifice and giving surrounding the events of February 26th and continuing on to today, 40 years later. 



37 years later, Medal of Honor war hero 'in our hearts all the time‘ Posthumous award was link to past for widow, daughters of Jon Swanson  By Ashleigh Oldland, Rocky Mountain News Published September 16, 2008  





Arlington Cemetery Jon Swanson





Arlington Cemetary Larry Harrison 




Walker Jones' Saber Article, May/June 2002 





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